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Fitness Fusion Studio: Instructors

Jackie Gravel

Jackie Gravel, Owner/Manager

Jackie has over 28 years experience in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor, a personal trainer and a master trainer. Jackie has taught thousands of classes at various clubs and corporate sites throughout the city. Anyone who has ever been to one of Jackie's classes can attest to her tireless energy and endless enthusiasm. Anyone who has ever been one of her personal training clients can attest to her knowledge, expertise and dedication. Jackie is the founder of the JACS Kettlebell Hardstyle fitness program.

  • Certified Fitness Instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor Level 1(KBell Training Academy)
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor Level 2(KBell Training Academy)
  • KBell Jam certification (KBell Training Academy)
  • Yoga Alliance Certified
  • First Aid, CPR, AED Certified (Heart and Stroke)
  • IKSFA certified Kettlebell Sport Coach Level 1 and 2
  • Trained under Sergey Rudnev

Martin Cottreau

Martin Cottreau, Kettlebell Instructor and Personal Trainer

Martin's goal as a personal trainer is to help each individual he works with achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. His intention is to deliver clients with programs specifically tailored towards their goals and needs, while providing his own blend of motivation and knowledge. His background includes long distance running, kettlebell training, martial arts, and competitive ultimate frisbee. He is high spirited, has boundless energy and works hard to make his sessions and programs both enjoyable and worthwhile.

Alexis Given

Alexis Given, Yoga Instructor

Alexis was introduced to yoga and meditation at a young age by her parents. Over the past decade she has become more intensely involved with her own practice and loves being able to share these experiences as a teacher. She feels that yoga provides a time when you can leave stress behind, focus on yourself, and be in tune with your mind, body and breath. Alexis has found that yoga promotes self-awareness, acceptance and confidence, along with increased physical strength, flexibility and overall health. All of this leads to a person feeling more comfortable in their skin, an invaluable benefit. She hopes that her students will find this comfort in their lives through their own practice. Having a background in neuroscience, Alexis believes that a healthy body and immune system are intimately linked to a healthy mental state, keeping you happy and thinking clearly.

Kilee Mercuur

Kilee Mercuur, Yoga Instructor

Kilee's sequences are unique and uplifting, just as unique as her background. She grew up on the beautiful tiny island of Sint Maarten. Her Caribbean roots inspire her to create a class that is both welcoming and challenging for each level. The use of visualizations of warm sandy beaches and clear blue skies are frequent, giving everyone a taste of the Caribbean life. With a love for passing on practical life tools, she often discusses breathing techniques that can be utilized on and off the mat. Her classes are warming and strengthening. She works to engage all muscle groups including the brain, with long peaceful Savasanas.

Lucie Coppens

Lucie Coppens, Partyrobics Instructor

Lucie has a strong foundation in gymnastic and dance from a young age and wants to make dance accessible to others. Coming from Belgium with a powerful dance - fitness program called Partyrobics , Lucie offers the chance for everyone to discover a new way to work out and dance with strobe lights and upbeat pop music.

  Nicholas Pepin

Nicholas Pepin, Cardio Thai Boxing Instructor

Nick began his martial arts journey at the age of 5, training in Tae Kwon Do and later in Kung fu. Interested in expanding his martial arts knowledge Nick began training in Thai boxing in 2005. In search of deeper understanding of this sport, Nick packed his bags and left for Thailand in 2007, where he studied, trained and competed professionally in Thai boxing. Nick's classes promise to make you sweat, make you laugh and make you fit.

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