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Kettlebells Kettlebells are solid cast iron weights that look like a cannon ball with a suitcase handle. Our Kettlebell Training program utilizes all your core muscles which are absolutely essential for maintaining good health. Unlike any other standard weight training or fitness program, kettlebells reduce the risk of injury because the movements are based on functional movements.

Using a century old technique developed in Russia, a typical kettlebell routine builds functional muscular strength by mimicking movements in your everyday life such as picking up grocery bags, gardening or even flipping a mattress. A single routine will use all ranges of motions so joints and muscles are strengthened from all angles.

A Kettlebell Training workout is extremely effective for rapid fat loss. You end up burning 1000+ calories in 40 minutes and you keep burning calories for 2 or 3 days after a session while your body recovers from the workout. Top Canadian and American authorities on fitness have named Kettlebell Training among the top 10 trends for 2010. If you aren't comfortable joining one of our kettlebells classes, try our One-On-One Kettlebells Training. Contact us for more information.

JACS Hardstyle Kettlebell Program

JACS Hardstyle Kettlebell Program

It's new. It's hot. It works. JACS is a hardstyle kettlebell training program. With this program, you will learn how to properly handle this awesome tool, the Kettlebell. One tool to literally transform your world! In no time at all, you will reveal a physically and mentally stronger version of yourself, one that can handle whatever life throws your way!

Ready to start your journey to higher strength and much much more? Please contact us at or call us at 613-680-7276 to find out how to enroll. Different payment options available for your convenience.

This program is suitable for beginners to kettlebell lifting as well as seasoned kettlebell lifters.

Partyrobics ®

Partyrobics Partyrobics ® is a powerful dance-fitness program that combines clubbing (dark atmosphere and party lights), dancing and aerobics movements. Partyrobics is for all women (men are welcome) who want to be fit, like to dance, seek a way to express themselves, want to release daily stress and boost their self-confidence. In one hour of Partyrobics you burn 600 calories.


Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing Muscle and Fitness Magazine rated Cardio Kickboxing the #1 fat burning exercise. The average female can burn up to 700 calories / hour in our Cardio Kickboxing class compared to aerobics (400 cal/hr), step aerobics (500 cal/hr), walking (350 cal/hr) and step machine (420 cal/hr).

Regular physical activity has been proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, reduce the risk of developing some cancers and aide in the prevention of osteoporosis. It’s no secret that obesity has become a significant health concern in this country and is quickly surpassing smoking as the leading preventable cause of death. Our Cardio Kickboxing program was developed to address these concerns.

Come in and treat yourself to an empowering hour of fitness and fun. Challenge yourself with something new and exciting and punch and kick your way into a fit and toned body.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Our yoga classes will focus on slowing down our minds by concentrating on our breath, as we move through the postures. Each class will begin with a guided breathing practice to help us let go of the day, and to bring us present. The yoga postures we do will help us discover our physical edges and move toward opening up those tighter spots by surrendering to, instead of muscling through. Each class will end with a comfortable 10 minute meditation.

Practicing yoga can have many outcomes, but at its heart, yoga is about learning to know and love who we are. We all have a very calm place inside, some call it their soul, some call it their inner voice, or intuition. This place is the true essence of our being and our purpose. By learning to slow down our hectic brain, and by going inward, we can all learn to nurture our uniqueness and become better at being who we are really meant to be. Happiness can be fleeting, but being content, by learning to trust ourselves, is always within our grasp.

Cardio Thai Boxing

Bellydance Thai Boxing, Thailand's national sport, is quickly becoming one of Canada's fastest growing fitness crazes, and for obvious reasons; Thai boxing is a high energy and intense work out. Thai boxing teaches valuable self defense techniques and allows you to practice kicks, punches, knees and elbows on padded target mitts, achieving an awesome work out.

This class incorporates cardio warmups, partner drills (this is the fun part where you get to punch and kick the pads!), circuit training as well as stretching. By combining all these elements, you'll gain confidence and a great full body workout. Plus, the dynamic, non-repetitive routines will make you forget that you are 'exercising'.

The various drills will improve your strength, endurance and agility. Thai boxing conditioning is a wonderful addition to any work out routine and is ideal for those who want to take their fitness to the next level. Open to all ages and fitness levels.

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